Centrum Tłumaczeń Profesjonalnych

Centrum Tłumaczeń Profesjonalnych C.T.P. A. Michalska was established in 1998. The firm is a member of the Polish Association of Translation Agencies.

The firm’s owner is Anna Michalska, a graduate of the Department of Romance Languages and Literature of the University of Warsaw and scholar of Lumière University in Lyon. She has been a certified translator of French since 1990 and is a member of the Supreme Council of TEPIS – the Polish Society of Sworn and Specialised Translators (Polskie Towarzystwo Tłumaczy Przysięgłych i Specjalistycznych) and the Chair of the PT TEPIS Professional Development Committee. 20 years work and experience have enabled CTP to create a team of excellently qualified translators and proof-readers, as well as consultants and client care assistants. The renown and trust that CTP enjoys among its clients is due to this policy. The firm enters into cooperation agreements with its regular clients

Long-term cooperation agreements/rebates
We provide rebates and other attractive incentives (e.g. invoices once a month or faster translations) to clients who sign a long-term cooperation agreement with us. We also provide rebates on orders of over 100 pages.

CTP is a firm specialized in translating legal, judicial, financial, banking and technical (construction, telecommunications, automation, patents and norms) texts.

Penthouse „PATRIA”
ul. Leona Kruczkowskiego
6B lok. 27

Tel.: (022) 629 33 88
Fax:  (022) 891 04 00

E-mail: ctp@ctp.com.pl