We perform ordinary and certified (“sworn”) translations.
We translate from Polish into European and non-European languages and from these languages into Polish.
We perform verification and proof-reading of foreign-language translations and linguistic verification by native speakers.
We provide specialist translations with the assistance of expert consultants.
We adapt the type of translation to the needs of our clients:

- ordinary (from 8 to 11 pages per day)
- express (od 8 do 11 stron dziennie)
- super-express (over 11 pages per day)

In exceptional cases, we can substantially accelerate the speed of translation for a client.
We propose a cooperation agreement for long-standing clients in exchange for which we offer a price-list with rebates.
We offer a rebate on large orders.


We provide ordinary interpreting and interpreting by a certified translator
Consecutive interpreting (the translator hears an item of speech and subsequently provides an interpretation) and simultaneous interpreting (the translator interprets speech whilst the speaker is speaking).
Simultaneous interpreting is usually performed by two interpreters in a cabin equipped with specialist equipment for transmitting the interpretation
Our interpreters attend local conferences and conferences in other locations
We can provide you with professional equipment for simultaneous interpreting.


Penthouse „PATRIA”
ul. Leona Kruczkowskiego
6B lok. 27

Tel.: (022) 629 33 88
Fax:  (022) 891 04 00