2. Training courses and workshops

  • PT TEPIS Seminar (see the advertisement on the TEPIS website)
  • PT TEPIS language laboratory (see the advertisement on the TEPIS website))

3. How to become a certified translator

Under the applicable provisions (The Act on the profession of certified translator)those who do not have a language degree but who meet other requirements under the Act, must complete a post-graduate courseon translations. After completing the post-graduate course, they can take the certified translator examination organised by the Minister of Justice, having lodged the relevant documents with the Ministry of Justice (see the official page of the Ministry of Justice).

4. Obligatory reading

  • Kodeks Tłumacza Przysięgłego z komentarzem (publisher Translegis)
  • Tłumaczenie Prawnicze D. Kierzkowska (publisher Translegis)
  • Wstęp do teorii tłumaczenia O. Wojtasiewicz (publisher Translegis)
  • Słownik Nazw Własnych (publisher PWN)
  • Pisowni i Interpunkcji Słownik Ortograficzny (publisher PWN).


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